Curie is a meritocratic, voluntary organization which supports the development and growth of new and existing authors on the Steem blockchain. We have multiple methods of growth, which include but not limited to: direct curation, supporting curation communities, and supporting community projects and development of applications which use the Steem blockchain.

What we do

  • Supporting communities

    Curie supports communities such as SteemSTEM, SteemitEducation, Gaming and many more, by following the votes of the best curation teams of each community.

  • Guiding new and upcoming authors

    Our curators have taken the initiative to help develop new and promising authors of the Steem community in order to help them grow and learn about writing techniques, and combatting plagiarism on the platform.

  • Finding hidden gems

    Our curators discover 'hidden gems', the posts that are significantly undervalued in terms of votes and submits them to the Curie reviewers, once approved these posts gain the value boost that they deserve and helps us distribute the rewards amongst the Steem community more effectively and fairly.


  • 1.1M+Author rewards
  • 56000+Posts upvoted
  • 45+ Active curators
  • 12+Communities supported


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